Just got home from Panama

We just got home from Panama.  Ted and I were there for about 11 days on a mission trip.  I am very far behind on lots of things so I am just going to throw in a few of my favorite pictures and will have to write about it later when there is more time.  I still have at up load some pictures too but all in good time.

Asi, our exchange student from Spain will be here tomorrow so I will hopefully keep this updated a bit better the next month so his mom will know he is doing ok.  That just means that I will be farther behind on other things….oh well.  IMG_4108 IMG_4131 IMG_4199 IMG_4335 IMG_4341 IMG_4345 IMG_4350 IMG_4365 IMG_4371 IMG_4373

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A rainy weekend

This past weekend we went camping with the kids for the first time this season.  They all still love it.  We heard a lot of “I love my camper” “I don’t want to go home”.


It rained most of the time but they didn’t seem to mind.  We made it out for a hike where we forgot the bug spray.  The kids have bug bites everywhere and half way through our geocache hunt it started raining again so we ended up wet and itchy.  Both Ted and I were surprised that none of our kids complained once.  It was a great camping trip.


Our kids are on vacation for the next 2 weeks up at Jason and Doris’s house.  On the first full day there we get this picture from Doris…..it might be a long 2 weeks.


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Bear with me…

I know I have not posted in a long time but I think that is because most of the people close to us who read this know we are doing our bathroom and it seems like every waking second we are in there doing something.  It is coming along but I think both Ted and I wish it was completely done.  We are ready to just spend some time with our kids and friends.  Ted is putting on a coat of mud right now and we are hoping next week we will be painting and putting in the sink.  Yeah!

Here are a few things we have been up to in the past month.  I just finished up a photography class on capturing the light.  I have a long ways to go but it was a lot of fun learning.IMG_3806Ryan graduated from preschool.  I didn’t think it would happen but he is actually excited to go to kindergarten next year.  Hopefully that will last through the summer.  IMG_4042Over Memorial day weekend we went to a local Christian camp for a work weekend.  We worked getting the camp ready for summer campers while our kids were entertained with the camp staff.  They did some work too like weeding around the pool, stacking fire wood and cleaning out all of the camp fires.   Ted and I were busy setting up tents and cleaning out cabins.  The kids went with us to one of the remote sites that you have to take a boat to reach.  Our kids had a picnic while Ted and I set up tents.   In the evenings the staff would practice running camp fires with us.  It was a very fun weekend.  IMG_4072 IMG_4076Other than that and a few family photo shoots all I have really seen is sheet rock dust, mud, insulation, electric wires…. a mess so when I saw this earlier today, I figured I had to wipe the sheet rock dust off of my camera.  Soon our bathroom will be done…I keep saying it so maybe it will happen soon.  IMG_4082

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What’s up

Two weeks ago we finally decided to start our bathroom remodel project.  I think we have been talking about it for the last 5 years and finally came up with a plan that we both like.  We had our finances in line so nothing was holding us back.   I forgot to get a picture right before we started but this is about 1 hour or so into the project.  IMG_3664  Because of the project I think every room in my house is in utter chaos right now.  There are sheets, towels and blankets sitting downstairs, toothpaste and toothbrushes sitting in the kitchen, boys cloths in our room or the girls room (we had to get into the attic which is through the boys closet).  All of our storage in the garage is scattered around on the cement floor so that we could get access to the plumbing.  The list goes on.

We are getting our city electricity buried in our neighborhood so our yard is dug up and there are electric lines lying around.  There are more trenches to come in the front yard and back yard but at least through our yard is done.  We will not have power tomorrow for an hour while they hook up our house to the underground wire.  As soon as the wire gets buried and we can get rid of the wire that comes through our roof, we will patch up our roof and get it completely reroofed to fix all of the hail damage caused in a storm last year. IMG_3776 We also had to build a pad area for our camper to call home in our backyard.  This project is actually done but in the process I did manage to smash my finger really bad.  It happened about 2 weeks ago and now about 50% of my fingernail is detached from my finger.  It doesn’t feel good.


We started soccer practice.  Ted is the coach of about 10 players.  Although Ted was gone for work last week and I coached the kids.  All the kids seem to be having a blast, hopefully it will continue through the season.IMG_3676 To top it all off, a drunk driver took out our only vehicle that fit all of us the weekend we started our remodeling project~2 weekends ago.  So we have been car shopping along with sink shopping.  Not so hot on the budget this month.  And yes, if you look at the picture below, we did have it parked correctly on the road.  Our van got pushed that much.  And if you look at the front tire, that is actually the other cars whole bumper complete with licence plate stuck underneath our car and partially in our front door.

IMG_3693So how have I been staying sane?  By dressing my kids up and making them pose for me.  Thanks Quinn!IMG_3683-2


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Walking through life.

Life has been pretty normal here for the last few weeks.  I am sure it is just the calm before the storm.  We are starting a bathroom renovation….totally gutting the bathroom and redoing everything.  Since we know it is going to get busy, we took the last few weeks to hang out as a family.  We went to the zoo where the kids had fun looking at all the animals and then trying to make all of animal sounds.  IMG_3510IMG_3523Ted and I built a little landing out of paver blocks to park our camper for the summer.  While we were busy working on that the kids played in the mud from our sump pump drain.  We now have a few lakes in our yard.  Not too happy about it but the kids had a lot of fun and they let Ted and I get our work done so I guess it is sort of a toss up.   IMG_3541On a few of the cold and rainy days we let our kids play the Wii.  Lately the boys have been into playing frogger.  We finally let the girls play.  They couldn’t believe their luck…they were so excited and scared to play at the same time.  It was hilarious watching them.  IMG_3527Over one of the weekends we went shopping for bathroom supplies.  We made a trip out to one of our favorite state parks.  We had a picnic and went hiking.  IMG_3559IMG_3586I actually took the kids there for a hidden purpose; to spend time together as a family but also to do some of my photography homework.  I am taking a 8 week class on light.  Our weekly assignment for that week was to capture sun flare/glare/rays, something I have tried to do before but never able to.  Well….I was successful on this trip…sort of.  I posted these on facebook too because Ted and I can not stop laughing at the placement of sun rays on Jenna’s picture.  I promised Jenna I would do better next time but we like to call this picture “Beans for Supper”.

IMG_3572This is why we have twins…if I don’t get it right on one, I will get it right on the next.  Well, we are off to start our bathroom remodel…wish us luck.IMG_3581

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Back from the sick

I realize it has been a little over 2 weeks since I last posted.  I have been extremely sick.  On the day that I felt the worse I did not get out of bed, went through a whole box of kleenex by myself and Ted cooked all of the meal.  That right there should tell you something.  Luckily it was only me who got really sick.  Then to make matters worse, right as I was starting to feel better, Ted had to travel for work.  He has been gone for a week but he should be home today.

News around the house, this past year I started giving piano lessons to Ryan because he would rather make up his lesson then actually play something written.  It apparently frustrated piano teachers who are trying to teach a kid how to read music.  I just shake my head and smile.  His favorite thing is to give me dramatic music concerts complete with hands flying in the air and great facial expressions.  Eventually I get Ryan to actually sit down and play the notes actually written on the page.

IMG_3381Right before I got sick, Jason and Doris stopped by on their way home from Florida.  My girls tried to get as much story time as possible.  IMG_3392-2 The girls both had on their “twin sister” necklace on the same day.  They were having fun sticking them together.IMG_3408-2I finally remembered to get my April Fool’s day joke ready this year.  I took their cups put some water and a straw in them and then put them in the freezer.   The kids were really excited to get straws in their cups for supper.  When they went to suck out of them they found that their straws didn’t work because they were frozen in a block of ice.  The boys figured it out right away but the girls gave us a few funny looks not understanding why their straws didn’t work.  I wish I could have gotten their facial expressions when they tried to drink out of them but if I had my camera out, I think my kids would have known something was up. IMG_3453 Here are a few pictures from our Easter celebrations that I managed to take while being sick.IMG_3460 IMG_3468 IMG_3486

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Spring is here…well kind of.  Our kids have grown tired of the snow so we were all excited a few weeks ago when all of the snow melted.  We were able to play outside again.  IMG_3360 IMG_3376-2We went to the park .  IMG_3346 IMG_3333And then last Sunday happened.  We got snow again.  Surpisingly the kids were excited, they got to play in snow again….apparently they forgot we just had snow for the last 3 1/2 months.  They have been playing non-stop outside which is fine by me.  At least it is not really cold out.   IMG_3422


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