Follow up on Panama

I realize that it has been almost 2 months since Ted and I left for Panama on our first missions trip since we have had kids.  I never did write about it because life got really crazy when we got home.  For starters Jenna and Quinn went through some weird separation anxiety that we had not seen for over a year or so.  Apparently having mommy and daddy gone for 13 days will open up a lot of their old scars.  We were a little concerned about this happening while we were gone but they did great at Ted’s parents house.  However, even now Jenna is very upset if daddy does not come back from work when she thinks he should be home.  But it is becoming less and less so hopefully it will be back to normal soon.

Anyways, our trip to Panama was great.   We were able to speak in about 7 public schools during the day.  After our little presentation we played with the kids.  In the evenings we would go to smaller churches and Pastor Brad would give the sermon.  Each night a few of us would give our testimonies or at least parts of them before the sermon.  We also do a lot of praying with the people.  I am not a person who has ever felt comfortable praying out loud for people (I blame my Lutheran up-bringing) but I did a lot of it.  Still can’t say I am comfortable with it but I can do it so that is a plus.

We did get to do a bit of sight seeing down there.  I can now say I have been to 2 man-made wonders of the world:  the Panama Canal and the Great Wall of China.

IMG_4429  I was amazed at how big those boats were and how little extra space there is in those canals.  I think this boat hit the side and we felt the ground shake beneath us.  IMG_4414I don’t know if this is true or not but someone said that in every boat that goes through the canal there is an average of 100 children and women in containers being forced into the sex industry.  Just thinking about that fact made me sad and kind of sick to my stomach.  I wish there was more I could do or even have something I could do but I think like a lot of people in the world they don’t really know what to do so they don’t do anything.   Unfortunately I find myself like that with a lot of issues.  It is frustrating.

Something that happened state side while we were gone….THAT I MISSED…. was Ryan lost his first and second tooth at Grandma’s house.  I was bummed.  I am a stay at home mom and have gotten to see all the firsts for the boys.  And here I miss not just the first but the second also.  While texting Ryan about missing this event, his reply was, “don’t worry mom, I have more teeth I will lose.”  True enough Ryan but I still felt a bit bad.  At least I know life will continue.  IMG_4757

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Last weekend with Asi

Well, this is Asier’s last weekend here.  He flies out on Monday already which seems so soon.  For his final weekend we took him up north to Ted’s parent’s house.  It has taken me a whole month to figure out if he is bored or not because Asi always has a straight face.  But while he was on the 4-wheeler I saw a few smirks come across his face which I assume means he is having a lot of fun.  He took Ryan for a very long paddle boat ride too.  Today we had him on the jet ski.  I didn’t take any pictures but I heard a lot of whooping and hollering from the middle of the lake.  I think we found Asi’s new favorite toy. His mom, Maria, told Asi he needs to go shopping and bring home some things from the states.  I wonder if she would mind if he came home with a jet ski? IMG_4653 IMG_4657Our kids played a bunch in the lake.  They had fun going off the slide.  Luke went as fast as he could go right from the start. IMG_4668Quinn took her time slowing herself down but after 2 attempts she let go of the sides and went flying into the water. IMG_4691Jenna apparently was a daredevil because she started going fast.  She even pushed herself off at the top so she could go faster and she laughed hysterically the whole way into the water.  IMG_4695 IMG_4715I made Ryan go on the slide once and that was enough for him.  He prefers to quietly fish with Grandpa away from all the commotion of his siblings.  IMG_4718Every time we come up here I think Ted and I are more and more ready to move north.  I know our kids would love it.

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3 Years a Yoder

About 2 weeks ago we celebrated a very special day.  The girls Gotcha Day.  They have been with us for 3 years now.  It seems so long ago when Ted and I were in China holding the girls for the first time yet the emotions of that first day are still so vivid that it seems like it was yesterday.  IMG_4544Over these 3 years we have struggled with sleep issues, attachment issues, language issues, learning issues.  Medically we have dealt with so many ear infections you can’t count, 3 sets of ear tubes that were suppose to help with countless ear infections but sort of didn’t help, lip surgeries, palate surgeries.  It has been a long road, a road that we did not travel very gracefully.  Even with all the bumps that we have traveled Ted and I feel very blessed to call these two ours.  They have taught us a lot about ourselves, about being parents, about unconditional love, and about faith in God.   As they continue to grow I hope we can teach our kids some of those same lessons we have learned these past few years.  IMG_4571

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Camping on the Weekend.

We have been busy showing Asi around Minnesota these last few weeks.  I think my kids like it because we are always going to new and fun things.  A week ago we took him to a Twins game.  It was the first time I and the girls were at the new stadium.   It was really nice and we only lost 1 kid for about 5 minutes so that was good.  Ryan apparently turned the wrong way off the ramp.  We didn’t even realize we lost him until he came running up to us in tears with a worker.  But it ended well so hopefully we have learned our lesson.IMG_0583Over the weekend we went camping at Whitewater State park.  It was an amazing area with great trails to hike.  However the trails I think were meant for a bit older children then ours.  IMG_4553It was a bit nerve racking but with Asi’s help all 3 of our little ones were matched with an adult to make it a bit safer.IMG_4557 On all of our hikes Ryan seemed to find a lot of critter friends.  IMG_4563Ryan even named one centipede Philip.  He told me he prayed to God so that he would find Philip again.  We found multiple other centipedes but Ryan seemed to find a difference in every one to know it was not Philip.  He seemed to have fun.IMG_4589We actually didn’t get a camp site at the state park but we did manage to find one right on the edge.  It had a pool, a bounce pillow, and a petting zoo.  The kids had a blast and apparently it was the first time Asi had feed some animals out of his hands.  IMG_4610IMG_4618IMG_4549On one of our hikes we came across this pretty little creek with a bridge. IMG_4620 We let our kids play for a while because it was hot out which of course lead them to hop in the creek which lead to this.  Sorry Asi but you did take it well.   IMG_4641It was a fun camping trip.  I think each time we go camping our kids fall more in love with our camper which makes it easy to create memories for them.  IMG_4581

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Our Birthday Boy

Luke had a birthday a few weeks back and I am finally getting to posting his birthday interview.

How old are you today?   IMG_4530

Describe what type of person you are?  A good friend, smart

What’s your favorite color and why?  Orange because I like the sunset.  IMG_4515

Who is your favorite person in the whole world?  Shelby Bomsta

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Same as daddy, an electrical engineer.  

What’s the hardest thing in your life right now.  Being nice all of the time.  IMG_4520

What is your favorite thing to do.  Building Legos with Ryan.

What are your favorite foods and drinks.  Orange crush and my favorite food is my sandwich that I invented which is a turkey and jelly sandwich dipped in apple sauce.

What is your favorite books/movies.  Book:  Magic Tree House Series      Movie:  How to Train your Dragon  IMG_4538

What do you not like?  Vacuum 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Visit Spain to see where Lucy and Asi live (our two summer foreign exchange students.  Lucy the sister came last year and Asier the brother is here right now).  IMG_4565

What do you want for your birthday?  LEGOS! 

What are you most excited to do as you get older?  Stay at home by myself.   IMG_4584

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Frisbee golf and the Fourth

I feel a little bad but Asi continually gets compared to Lucy at our house.  Lucy did this…hey everyone meet Lucy’s brother….  Asi takes it all in great spirits.  Our kids have noticed a lot of differences too.  For one thing, Asi is athletic, he can actually play soccer (sorry Lucy, we know you tried).  Because of this, Ted and I had high hopes for Asi as we took him Frisbee golfing over the weekend.   Lucy was very graceful as you see below; however, we didn’t have to worry about her score getting close to ours.IMG_0337-Edit

Asi on the other hand took his golfing very seriously.  It took him a few holes to figure out how to throw the frisbee but once he figured it out, watch out.  By the end of the 12 holes we played, his score was only 1 throw higher then mine.  I am a little scared to take him out again because I think he is already better then me….Ted might have to watch out.  IMG_4476 IMG_4482On a side note, Ted and Asi went golfing… like normal golfing with a ball and a club.  Ted came home with his head down.  Asi kicked his butt.

Anyways, here are a few pictures I got at the fireworks we went to for the Fourth.  I forgot to read up on how to take firework pictures but I think I got them to turn out ok. IMG_4509 IMG_4510

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Answered Prayer

On Monday we had a very busy day.  We had to take Quinn to the Cranial facial Clinic for a scope procedure.  I don’t remember the exact name.  Quinn has some nasal leakage when she talks which means that her palate is short and not working correctly and it is affecting her speech.  Anyways, the doctors were going to stick a camera up Quinn’s nose, through her nasal cavity until it was on top of her soft palate.  It is suppose to be pretty painful.  I then have to calm her down so that she can talk normally.  This procedure is suppose to help us understand how Quinn’s palate is functioning so the doctors know how to fix it in another surgery.  I think this is how Quinn felt about the procedure.  IMG_4450

Let’s backup to the day before… Sunday….there was a call for healing at our church.  Ted and I took Quinn forward, not that we asked for healing but we wanted prayer to make the procedure go smoothly, that Quinn was able to handle everything and the doctors get the information that they needed.

Back to Monday….. my dad went with us because as he dropped Quinn and I off at the University, our foreign exchange student, Asi, was landing at the airport.  I felt a little bad that I was not there but I think he was ok with it.  My dad and the other three kids head off to the airport for Asi.  Jenna thought she was very special because for once she was not having to go to the doctor.  She was on the very important mission of picking up Asi, her new best friend.  IMG_4466 IMG_4470

Meanwhile, back at the specialty clinic, Quinn and I check in and start talking with the speech therapist.  IMG_4442

After about 5 minutes of having Quinn say different words and sounds, the doctor and therapist look at each other and shrug their shoulders.  The doctor walks off.  The speech therapist tells me that there is hardly any nasal leakage today and that they would never do this procedure on a child this small with the amount of leakage she has.  Which means more then likely we will not have to have another palate procedure, well at least not any time soon.  We will see how everything grows and stretches as Quinn gets older.   IMG_4447

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