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Ryan’s Worm

by Ted Spring is here!!  I’m so excited to finally start seeing green!!  It’s been brown for so long without snow, that I thought the world might just stay brown.  This morning Michele started cleaning out the flower beds with … Continue reading

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No LOA yet…

We still do not have our LOA.  Usually it takes an average of 50-60 days to get an LOA after you get your PA; however, we are on day 75.  I emailed our agency to see if they knew what … Continue reading

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At the Elk Farm with Mom and Grandma Yoder

(by Grandma Yoder) It was a quiet day at the Elk Farm until the Yoder’s showed up. The goats were very glad to see us, and came running to greet us.  The elks, well, they would just as soon we … Continue reading

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House of Bounce

by Michele We went to the house of bounce in Rochester yesterday.  The house of bounce basically has about 14 blow up things to climb/slide/jump on. It was a lot of fun but very tiring trying to keep up with … Continue reading

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Luke’s Battle Wound

by Michele Last night while we were making supper, we asked the boys if they wanted to help.  Luke and Ryan screamed “YES!” So Ted sent them upstairs to wash their hands.  I know what terrible parents we are.  Luke … Continue reading

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adoption process steps

Here is a quick guide to the steps we are going through to adopt our twins.  Hopefully along with the sidebar table,  it will help you know where we are and how far we have left to go. Paperwork = … Continue reading

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