Package to our girls

by Ted

Now that we have our LOA and China has officially accepted us as our twin’s parents, we are getting ready to send a package to our girls.  Several months ago we made up a very cool little picture book with Shutterfly.  It’s got pictures of us, our house, our girls and even our cats.  We were hoping to send it to our girls along with a bunch of toys.  However, this morning we got it all ready to go and discovered that it would cost $90 to ship it via UPS.  And that is even with a nearly 50% discount by shipping it from my work.   We did find that we could ship it through the US Post Office for about $48.   That is a little more reasonable, but still expensive.

The high cost of shipping makes some of the services available in China seem more attractive.  These places will put a care package together and will ship it to our girls for us. They even say they can get pictures of our girls and measurements.  However, we checked with Anne of the Red Thread and she said she can send a care package for us, but that the Nanning orphanage most likely would not give her or us new pictures of the girls or measurements.  That’s just their policy.  Bummer….

In addition, the Nanning orphanage requires them to ship all packages directly to the orphanage first and then the orphanage workers will forward it to the children in foster care.  So we don’t really get any better guarantee that our stuff gets to our girls than if we send it to the orphanage ourselves.

We also tried China Adoption Help, but they didn’t answer our questions yet.

So now we’re not sure what to do……


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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7 Responses to Package to our girls

  1. Doris Yoder says:

    It would be really really nice if they would at least get the book; I saw that and it would be so perfect for them to get introduced to their “forever family.”

    • Ted Yoder says:

      Yes, I would agree. Actually we will probably end up doing both – Sending the package via the post office and trying to send a small care package and get updated info through China Adoption Help. We got a reply from China Adoption Help this morning and they sounded optimistic about getting information on the girls through Nanning SWI.

  2. Holly says:

    Oh, wow! Are your girls from Guangxi? Kaitlyn was from there. We loved Nanning, especially the People’s Park. Do you know if you will be staying at the Majestic? The People’s Park is right down the street from there.

    • Ted Yoder says:

      Yes, they are in foster care through Nanning SWI in Nanning, Guangxi. Unfortunately, I have no clue where we will be staying yet while we are over there. We still have several months yet until we travel, probably not until July or August. Would you recommend this hotel?

      • Holly says:

        It was a bit of a surprise. The beds were VERY hard…but we discovered that after the initial shock, we liked them. We ended up being in the “annex” but the room was larger, with two twin beds (I don’t know if that’s standard or not) and a crib. It was clean and the staff were helpful. One disadvantage was that we had to go to the main hotel for breakfast and to meet with our group. It was two or three blocks down the way. I would maybe try for the main hotel. There used to be a very inexpensive and “authentic” Chinese restaurant next to the main hotel. I believe they have recently closed, but it was convenient for the evening meal. If you can’t be in the main hotel, the little ones will get heavy to carry, especially in the summer heat if you end up in the “annex” trudging there for breakfast and as a meeting place.

        I can’t say enough how much we enjoyed the People’s Park which was just down the road from there within walking distance. It was a fascinating place. I think the best time to be there is in the early morning.

        Also, since your little ones are in foster care, do you know if it’s through Grace and Hope for China’s Children? They provided Kaitlyn’s foster care and heart surgery and do a lot in Guangxi. We got some earlier pictures of Kaitlyn on a CD after she came home. You might want to check it out. There might also be pictures available through a SWI yahoo group.

  3. Kristi says:

    I saw your comment on Stephanie’s blog and was going to tell you about Ann at Red Thread or about just sending it yourself but it sounds like you’ve figured it out.

    I have twins from China and they have the same Chinese names as your girls — at least the parts of their names I can see!! And my Jie’s first name is Kenna. Do you know the meaning behind Chun Jie? It’s a special twin name. We had it translated by a lovely Chinese woman and I’d be happy to share the write up with you. The characters Chun and Jie and generally never separated and are given to twins because they go together. Also, they must believe Quinn is older because they would have given them the name in birth order.

    • We are very interested in their name and any information you have on them. We tried to find out things about their names before we choose their American name but we didn’t find out too much.

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