by Michele

We got our CA (Consulate Appointment) on Thursday.  Getting this appointment date allows us to plan our whole trip.  So what we know so far is that our CA is on July 16th at 8:30 in the morning.  From what I understand we go to the American consulate office, sign some papers, take a picture of us as a family.  During this appointment, our girls’ American visas are finalized/approved and within 48 hours we are clear to go home.

Because of this appointment date, we were able to schedule our Gotcha Day for July 9th.  We fly to Nannning, Guangxi on July 8th.  Meet our girls on the 9th.  Go to court on the 10th (I was told China allows us 24 hrs with the girls to decide if we really want them – as if there is any doubt.)  We then have to wait another 48 hrs for their paperwork and Chinese passports to clear the courts in province.  We pick up the paperwork from the local court on 13th and fly out to Guangzhou where the US Embassy is located.  Our agency is trying to get our medical exam scheduled for the 14th.  We come home on the 18th.

Ted and I are searching for plane tickets right now. They are a lot more expensive then they were a few months ago.  Someone told us that is because it is the summer and tourist season.  But still $1,000 more per ticket is a bit of a jump.  We are trying to see if it is worth our time flying through Hong Kong. It adds a day to our trip but it is $400 cheaper per ticket.  If anyone has suggestions, let us know.  I would really like to get tickets soon because in 30 days….I will be holding (or attempting to hold if they allow me) my two girls, Jenna and Quinn.

Tentative Plan:

Wed. July 4 – Leave a couple of days early to fly out to Beijing and do a little sightseeing

Sun. July 8 – Fly to Nanning, China where Jenna and Quinn are living

Mon. July 9 – Gotcha Day

Tues. July 10 – Adoption Day (Court Date)

Fri. July 13 – Fly to Guangzhou, China where the US Embassy that deals with adoptions is located

Sat. July 14 – Medical Exam

Mon. July 16 – Consulate Appointment

Wed/Thur July 18 or 19 – Come Home


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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5 Responses to CA

  1. Katie L. says:


  2. Joy says:

    I’m sure it feels great to finally have some dates set!

  3. Janet S. says:

    Congratulations. I know you don’t know me (found your blog thru a friend), but I have 2 daughters from China and they are a blessing.

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