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How do they eat?

by Michele We get this question a lot.  It is understandable because I was asking others who have adopted before me how to feed their cleft lip and palate toddlers.  So how do our girls eat?  We have found they … Continue reading

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And we are on our own.

by Michele Sorry for those of you who got the earlier draft.  I was in process of writing it and then “kids” happened and I meant to save the draft but I hit publish so if you receive email updates, this … Continue reading

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by Michele Our girls have gone through some serious grieving.  They started with inconsolable crying, silent and stone faces as if nobody was present, to where any little thing causes a temper tantrum.  I think the girls are starting to get … Continue reading

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How to tell our twins apart..according to Luke and Ryan

by Michele We have been helping Luke and Ryan to tell the difference between Jenna and Quinn.  It is hard.  This morning at the breakfast table, Luke exclaimed that, “There is a difference in their hair.  Quinn has more than … Continue reading

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Day 2 Beijing (Saturday) Part 2

by Ted The girls slept better last night.  Hurray.  Jenna slept through the night and only woke up a couple of times, looked around the room and fell right back to sleep.  Quinn was still up for an hour during … Continue reading

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How have we been surviving?

by Michele So how have we been surviving with four kids five years old and under? Well, we have had help.  A lot of help, and we thank everyone who is going out of their way for us right now, because … Continue reading

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Who’s dat?

by Ted The most common question heard around our house these days is:  “Mommy, who’s dat?”  There is a continual chorus of questions from Luke and Ryan as they try to figure out which sister they are playing with or … Continue reading

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