Rainy Day


by Doris (aka Grandma Yoder)

Heavy clouds and pouring rain is the recipe for sleeping in, and especially so, Ryan, who did not wake up till 8:30. He woke up in a still darkened bedroom with no-one around and by the time Grandpa heard him he was quite upset. So for ten minutes he was unconsolable and crying to the refrain of, “I want my mama.” Finally we got him distracted with a funny made up story:

The silly little blue paddle boat and big new pontoon are friends that live down at the dock. The silly little blue paddle boat and the big new pontoon love the rain. The silly little blue paddle boat and big new pontoon live in the lake at Grandpa’s dock where they smile and laugh in the water. The silly little blue paddle boat and big new pontoon are even happier when it rains. The silly little blue paddle boat and big new pontoon think it is funny that Grandpa, Grandma, Luke and Ryan want to stay inside when it rains.

The End.

…and so began Friday, Day 3.

After a breakfast of much loved pancakes Grandpa set up a DVD player and TV in a comfortable spot for us to cuddle together to watch Charlotte’s Web. Ryan cuddled with Grandpa in the recliner, and Luke and Grandma ended up on the floor on a pile of pillows. Later after an almost-lunchtime healthy snack we went to Hibbing to do a few errands which included a stop at the hardware for Grandpa, lunch at McDonalds (Luke’s favorite place), and shopping at WalMart. Grandpa and Luke grabbed their shopping cart and headed off through the store to shop for guy things (or so we were told), and Grandma and Ryan went off to get some toilet paper, some much needed Kleenex, kid snacks, milk, juice, and easy prep type meals. We found some cereal that was highly recommended by Ryan, and numerous other choice things that he suggested. He was very involved from his perch in the middle of the shopping cart, busily arranging the items around him. This Grandma had to rescue the cinnamon-rolls-in-a-tube before he whacked them open and his animated chatter entertained a few other shoppers who shared the same aisle.

It turned out that Grandpa and Luke had been to the toy aisles where Luke picked out the perfect late birthday present. As we headed to the checkout, everyone was happy with the purchases. After a quick potty break for the boys and with a full cart, we headed to the car, ready to head back home.

At home we unloaded the car while the kids road their bikes around the garage….which, by the way, Michele, is an absolute godsend. Thanks for making sure we brought them along. They ride those bikes around and around, amongst the little cars and trucks cluttering the garage floor. Oftentimes the bikes are both parked nose up to the door into the house. The boys manage to climb off, open the door and come in, but Grandma and Grandpa find they have to squeeze through, but we do manage quite well, in spite of being three times bigger.

The sun came out in the evening…..YEY, we love sunshine the mostest.


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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One Response to Rainy Day

  1. Wait until Ryan starts singing at the top of his lungs in a store. He has done great versions of Do Lord, Hosanna, Jesus Loves Me and God I love Grandma’s peas, thank you for making this. I am glad everything is going well. Have you made roads with chalk for the bikes to drive on yet? I love all of your updates. It makes me so I am not nervous about the boys.

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