Beijing to Nanning (Sunday)

by Michele

Today we left Beijing to travel to Nanning.  Our guide in Beijing wanted to leave an extra 30 minutes earlier then scheduled and I am glad he did because by the time we got to the airport, through all of the lines and found our gate, our plane had already started boarding.  Our flight was about 3 hours long.  About an hour into our flight, we finally got past the Beijing smog to see the ground below us.  When we were talking to our guide in Beijing, he said that the government tells them that it is all fog and that the air is fine and apparently most people believe that.  He said a few people are just starting to understand that it is smog and probably not the best air quality.

On our descent into Nanning, Ted noticed a strange thing.  If you are in an airplane over Minnesota and Iowa you can see nice straight square fields.  Here in China the fields are all different shapes  and sizes.  They fit together tightly like a puzzle – even when they don’t have to wind around lakes or rivers or hills..  Anyway, we landed in Nanning and I cannot believe how beautiful it is.  Green everywhere….trees, flowers, everything green.  There was not much green in Beijing, but Nanning makes up for it.  Our guide here said that the government wants Nanning to be known as the Green City or the Water City.  And one thing that amazes me here (and also in Beijing) is that the streets are so clean.  Everything is so clean.  I think they must wash the streets and sidewalks.

In Nanning they are still using some of the traditional architecture – even on their new buildings.  We saw plenty of newer buildings in Beijing, but we did not see any new ones with the fancy curved roofs.

Nanning at night – the view from our hotel.

We get to meet our girls tomorrow (Monday) at 3:30 in the afternoon.  This is about 2:30AM early Monday morning for those of you back home (central time).  It seems weird that this is finally going to be happening for real.  Please pray that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.  I’m sure it will be really hard for the girls.  They will be leaving behind everyone and everything they know to start a new life with complete strangers who talk different, look different, and act different.  The girls will say goodbye to their fostor family earlier in the day and a social worker will bring them to the Civil Affairs office to meet us.   I’m guessing the hand off will take an hour or two (although I’m not sure) then we get to bring them back to our hotel.

When we were talking with our guide about our schedule we found out that we get to have a tour of the orphanage on Thursday.  I know our girls did not stay there for very long, only 3 months when they were 2-5 months old but there might be a chance that the foster mom would come for a visit too and that would be such a blessing.  We will continue to pray that she will be there so we can maybe get her on video for the girls.

On a side note, I continue to feel sick.  I am not sure what it is but I am having sharp pains in my abdomen and it continues to make this trip a bit miserable.  I felt good yesterday when we went to the Wall but other than that I have been in a lot of pain.  It actually started in the Minneapolis airport.  We are hoping the pain will go away and I can enjoy meeting and caring for our girls during the rest of the trip.


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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4 Responses to Beijing to Nanning (Sunday)

  1. tammy manea says:

    I am go glad to hear good things about Nanning, where are you staying? I leave next Friday. Who is your guide, any helpful hints I will be glad to know. Cant wait to see your beautiful daughters with their parents, wish I was there but I am only five days away from traveling.

  2. Callie says:

    Michele I just thought you would like to know that Emy and I went for a walk around the entire block last night, which she walked all of it except for about 10 ft. As we approached your house her footsteps became much quicker and she quickly moved across the road to your driveway. She definitely thought she was going to be stopping to say hello. When I told her you weren’t home she looked at me and said, “Where’d they go?” Also, Jayden still does not comprehend when I tell him you are in China getting your girls and that Luke and Ryan are not home. He still begs me to go to your house and play. I hope you start to feel better and continue to pray that all goes well for you.

  3. Hey Ted and Michele!! Just want you guys to know we’re thinking of you and praying for you! We’ll pray that your stomach pain goes away soon – Michele! I think I even had a dream about you guys and the girls last night too – you must be on my mind a lot! So excited for you guys to meet the girls tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear an update! I’ve loved reading your posts!

  4. Gayle Wickersheim says:

    Ted & Michele – this is Brad, not Gayle… just want you to know we are and will continue praying for you. We all prayed in church this morning and I had Laura Reed read your post from the Wall – people were very interested and glad for the update. I feel like I need to speak healing and against the pain in Jesus’ Name! Be assured we love you and will continue praying.

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