Orphanage visit- Nanning- Wednesday

by Michele

Somehow when Ted picked out the pictures for yesterday’s post, he missed this one and I wanted to include it.  It was right after we officially adopted Jenna and Quinn.

So last night was better.  I got Quinn to fall asleep and I put her down in the crib.  Around midnight, she woke up but I was able to get her to fall asleep within a few minutes.  That was better then the first night where it took tw0 hours.  I then put her to bed with me and she would occasionally wake up, but I would pat her butt and she would fall right back to sleep.  I got a few kicks in the middle of the night but I was happy how the night went for me.  As for Ted and Jenna, well, that was a different story.  Jenna refuses to be put down.  So Ted slept part of the night in a chair holding Jenna.  When Quinn woke up, Ted decided he could not spend the rest of the night in the chair so he tried to move to the bed.  Jenna had a different idea.  But in the end, they ended up in bed, laying down with Jenna on top of Ted.  Every time Ted moved, Jenna would scramble to the top of Ted so he finally let Jenna win and spent the rest of the night on his back sleeping with Jenna on his belly.  Even right now during nap time, Jenna and Ted are in the chair sleeping away.

When we all got ready for the day today, we headed out to visit the orphanage.  When we arrived, the foster mom came walking up to the van door so when the girls woke up (they fall asleep every van ride we have) they were awoken to find their ‘momma’.  There was a lot of crying and they could not get to her fast enough.

We then walked into the orphanage court yard, right next to the hospital area where their foster dad was waiting.  They told us that Jenna is a daddy’s girl and Quinn is a momma’s girl.  Well at least we got that one right because Jenna has definitely bonded with Ted and Quinn with me.

Apparently our little girls are water babies.  They love the water.  She takes them to play in a small fish pond every day.  She said that Jenna is the strong-willed one so the paperwork was a little mixed up because it said that Quinn was.  We would have to agree with the foster family,  Jenna is a spitfire.  They said that when they got the kids at five months they were very small and did not have much energy.  They were sick with a lung infection.  But she nursed them back to health and made them grow strong.  She is very proud of her progress with these two.  And let me tell you, they are big compared to some of the other kids getting adopted out of here yesterday.  This mom knows what she is doing.  We talked with them for around one hour before they had to head back home to take care of some other foster kids they had.  The girls took the departure very hard, which we knew they would but we hope in the long run, having their foster parents on tape talking about them will help the girls have some sort of belonging when they get older.  Most families are not as lucky as we were to get to go to the orphanage and meet the foster family to get a glimpse into their lives before they were adopted.  We then got a tour of the orphanage and got to talk to the doctor who did our girls’ check-ups once a month.

The doctor said that these girls have barely ever been sick, that Chen Meiqing’s kids (foster mom) are never sick.  She is one of the best they have.  The orphanage is trying to get her to take some more kids because she does such a great job.  They were even joking with her while we were there trying to get more babies into her house.  I really do believe that our girls were in the best care around.  We didn’t get to go into any of the buildings but the gardens in between the buildings were beautiful.

As we were walking around talking, everyone seemed to wave and say Hi to our girls by name.  It seemed that everyone knew the girls.  They were so friendly.  It was a wonderful visit.  When we got into the car, our guide told us that this orphanage has just started an outreach program where they offer support and services to families who choose to keep their own children with special needs.  Our guide said is it hard when you are only allowed one child and then find out that they have special needs.  Apparently one of her friends had a boy born with hearing problems and the doctors asked if they wanted to get rid of the child.  Thankfully, they said no and they are trying to raise their own boy but her friend is struggling and society looks down on her for that choice.  I think these are the people this orphanage is trying to help.  I think it is an excellent program.

On a side note, we had gone to a museum the morning before we got the girls.  Apparently, these type of bridges are from here.  There are many different styles of bridges but these are native to the Guangxi province. We as Americans probably cannot see the difference in all of the different features that make it a Guangxi bridge but to me, it is a beautiful bridge.

Another thing is that these lanterns are everywhere.  Red is the color for luck so they make red lanterns to make places lucky.


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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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3 Responses to Orphanage visit- Nanning- Wednesday

  1. Katie L. says:

    Wonderful opportunities! So glad you got to meet the foster parents!!!

  2. I have shared this at work. I received a lot of favorable comments. On individual is going to share this with his adult Bible Study.

  3. Patti says:

    I am loving following you around the country! They look to be delightful …and yet a handful. Prayers and many thoughts for you. Patti

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