Qing Xiu Mountain Park-Nanning-Thursday

by Michele

Today we went to a nature park called Qing Xiu Mountain Park.  It was very beautiful with tons of different flora.  Our guide told us that it is one of the biggest parks in the province.  She chose a few popular spots for us to tour because it was too big to get to everything.  On the drive to each spot, we saw beautiful ponds with bridges and little gazebos.  Our first stop featured all of the different animals that make up the Chinese years. We got pictures of us at the Sheep for Ted and me, the Pig for Luke, the Ox for Ryan and the Tiger for the girls.

We tried to get a picture of just the girls at the Tiger but it is hard to get two toddlers to listen to you when you don’t speak their language.  Jenna was waiting patiently but Quinn decided it was time to be clingy to mom.

Quinn knew something was up but eventually we got her to stand by the Tiger.

Our next stop was at a tower near the top of the mountain, I forget what they are called and I blame myself for being over tired and stressed out.

But anyway, it had nine levels to get to the top and when you got to the top you could see the view of the city.  Nanning is a city that is made up of six different districts (I think that is what the guide said the first day) and it has around 6.2 million people in it.  Most of the high rises are apartments or condos.  The street that our hotel is on is only a two-lane but in the states it would probably be a 4-6 lane.  They can get away with a lot more traffic because most people are on scooters.  You can drive four-wide on scooters which gets a lot more people through the city then if they were all in cars.

Our last stop of the morning was at the fish pond, and let me tell you, there were a lot of fish.

Ted and I wondered how we were going to feed the fish without losing a girl, but we seemed to manage.  The girls had a lot of fun feeding the fish.  They even tried the fish food themselves.  Quinn must have really liked it because it was hard to get her to stop eating the fish food.

On the drive home, Jenna must have been hungry too because she kept on licking her toes.  I am amazed at how easily it is for these girls to get their feet in their mouth.  They both do it a lot.  I saw Quinn just licking the bottom of her feet the other day.  Oh well…

Tonight we ran into a group of people that were on a heritage tour.  One of the kids was adopted out of Nanning 11 years ago.  She also had cleft lip and palate.  She was waiting in the lobby of our hotel to meet her foster family.  We were actually talking to the girl when the foster family showed up.  The foster dad had tears in his eyes.  What an amazing experience it was to see after 11 years of being apart.  I know the girl was a little awkward because she didn’t remember them but that is to be expected when you were adopted at 1 year old.

Tonight we got our notary paperwork.  Tomorrow we get some more paperwork and then the girls’ passports.  We leave Nanning tomorrow (Friday).  I am a little nervous because passports are usually available for pick-up at 5:30 but we have to leave for the airport at 4:30 so any prayers for a very fast passport issuing tomorrow would really be a blessing.  Also, we leave at 7:10 and land in Guangzhou at 8:30.  It will be the girls’ first airplane ride.  We have to make it through the airport with 4 suitcases, 2 carry-ons and 2 girls in toe.  To top it all off, our girls have been falling asleep around 8 with a lot of crying.  They started crying around 7:30 tonight (only ½ hr so we are improving) but all of this is going to happen while we are in the air.  I am very nervous.  Even if they fall asleep in our arms on the plane, how do we get all of our luggage and sleeping girls off the plane and find our guide, get it all loaded up, drive to the hotel, unload, check-in to the new hotel with the girls sleeping.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed for tomorrow.  I think we also have to get up early on Saturday to make it to our medical check-up so we may have some crabby little girls who may or may not have their passports with them.  Any and all prayers to make this go smoothly would really be helpful.  Well, I will end with these two pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.




About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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3 Responses to Qing Xiu Mountain Park-Nanning-Thursday

  1. Doris Yoder says:

    They are sooooo beautiful. I love them already. I will pray for you as you start the next leg of your journey. God will provide!

  2. Carol Ann Bauman says:

    Your girls are beautiful! God doesn’t give these children or make them available to just anyone. In His eyes, they are perfect, and He’s trusting you two to love and care for them. I’m taking the booster seat to church tonight, and the Reed’s can take it back to the house for you. We wish you the best for your trip home. God speed. Can’t wait to see all of you together again!

  3. Gene and Cheryl Witte says:

    Congratulations! The girls are beautiful. Just got your blog info from Rhonda Johnson so I am enjoying following it. We will be praying for you that God would grant you all just the strength, peace, and comfort that you need and only He can provide! Keep posting it helps us know how to pray more effectively.

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