Medical Exam – Saturday

by Ted

Last night was the girls’ first airplane ride.  It went ok.  Jenna was tired because our flight was delayed by 2 hours so instead of arriving in Guangzhou at 8:10 we didn’t even leave Nanning until 8:50.  We decided to put Quinn and Jenna in their PJ’s before we got on the plane in case they fell asleep during the flight.  Ha, ha…wishful thinking, I know.

At first Jenna cried pretty loudly, enough that the guy that was supposed to sit by us asked to move to a different seat.  It was a bonus for us because that gave us more room.  After the baby puffs came out, Jenna was content.  She became tired so she just sat quietly on my lap for the whole 1 hr flight.  Quinn on the other hand was misses energizer bunny.  She was quiet but she thought she could climb Michele, the seat in front of Michele, or the window the whole flight.  She laughed just about the whole way so it was a little hard to get mad at her.  When she wasn’t climbing she was waving out the window saying hi.

This morning we went to our medical check-up.  It seemed like total chaos to me.  However, there must have been some organization to the chaos, since our guide was able to get us in and out in less than an hour.  It also helped that we just barely beat two big groups of 10 and 14 families each who arrived just minutes after us.  If we had come in after them we may have waited much longer.

Quinn did great.  She was excited to get weighed and measured.  She even held still while the doctor listened to her heart and lungs and then looked in her ears.

Jenna, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it.  We got her checked out too, although I had to help hold her for the doctor.

Both girls passed their check-up so we now only have the consulate appointment left on the calendar.  We finish up their visa paperwork on Monday during the consulate appointment.  Once that paperwork is ready the following day we can start our journey home.

This afternoon, we ventured down to the pool for the first time with the girls.  Quinn is a little water worm like our boys.  She loves to go zooming through the water and come splashing down.  It doesn’t even faze her if she gets her face wet.  Michele got her to do a back float where she was completely relaxed with her head in the water…a big grin on her face the whole time. 

Jenna, likes the water, but on much slower terms.  She is more content just staying the shallow water with her feet and butt firmly on the pool bottom or in daddy’s arms.

Prayer requests:  That night time sleeping and napping would improve.  Both Quinn and Jenna often wake up in the night just wailing.  Last night Quinn was inconsolable for about 2 hours.  Quinn is tired and Michele is exhausted.

Also pray that we can find a way to stop or minimize the girls’ temper tantrums.  The girls throw long and loud temper tantrums any time things don’t go exactly the way they want.  Jenna, especially, has a lot of stamina in this department.  Today, she did not want to ride in the stroller.  We had tried a couple of times earlier and she had always refused.  However, today, Michele and I decided it was time for her to ride in the stroller for our trip to get lunch.  She will have to learn to be buckled in all the time in car seats in the States anyways.  She bawled all the way down to Subway and half way back this afternoon before she finally exhausted herself and fell asleep in the stroller.   Here she is after her 30 minute tantrum – completely exhausted and ready to sleep.

The funny thing is, I put Jenna in the stroller again this evening, and she didn’t cry one time.  She went in quite happily and was completely content for the entire trip to supper and back.


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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5 Responses to Medical Exam – Saturday

  1. Carol Ann Bauman says:

    Yeah!! Hold your ground…….you can’t show up at a gun fought with a flyswatter! You win the war, one battle at a time! We have twin grandchildren who have their parents totally in their control. We babysat them the other day, and had them picking up toys, getting down, naps and bedtime with no problem. They know who runs the show when we’re there. Everything does’t have to be a battle, and they were shocked when we just turned and walked away. Ha ha! Love them to pieces, but refuse to be operated like a puppet by 3 year olds!!! Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Gayle Wickersheim says:

    Pastor Brad here – we’re praying & will show an update tomorrow at church and have the church family pray. I agree with Carol Ann – over time, and I don’t believe long, they will begin figuring out who is in charge and they will be okay. As with your boys stay consistent but firm loving them lots and laughing at every opportunity. We’re proud of you and standing with you.

  3. Jessica says:

    Beautiful pictures of your girls. They are absolutely adorable. It seems as though Quinn is the fearless adventuresome one, and Jenna is a bit more cautious and cuddley. At least you will have their opposite temperments to help tell them apart. 🙂 Can you tell them apart yet without looking at their toenail polish? So glad to see their smiling faces.

  4. Cammy Kahnke says:

    Just love your updates! Sounds like things are progressing smoothly and they are accepting you as their parents better every day. Praise be to God!

  5. Elaine Gerber says:

    I love watching how their faces are beginning to show joy on the pictures as they get to know you and experience your love for them. They are so beautiful!

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