Folk Art Museum – Sunday

by Ted

Today we bundled up all our stuff and headed off for a little sight seeing at the Guangdong Folk Art Museum.  This academy was built over a period of 4 years ending in 1894 by the Chen clan.  The Chen clan was the largest family group in the area and they went all out on these buildings.  Each roof line of the many buildings is ornately decorated with very large but intricate carvings.  I can only imagine the number of man hours it would have taken to carve all of them.  The academy was used by the Chen clan both as a school and as a temple to worship their ancestors.

There were also a number of exhibitors who were demonstrating some of the traditional arts.  This man was painting some very beautiful pictures with his hands.  He liked to use the edge of his hand for painting.  To me it seemed like he was just putting smudges on the paper, but by the time it was done he had created a very cool landscape picture.

Inside the museum there were plenty of little shops and souvenir stands.  So while Michele was busy picking out some keepsakes to bring home, the girls and I played outside in the plaza.  They were quite content climbing up and down the stairs, pushing the strollers around, and generally attracting lots of attention from all the other tourists.  However, all that playing does tend to make you thirsty.

For lunch today, we found a McDonalds.  The girls love their French fries and chicken nuggets.  Go figure…



Overall, we seem to be bonding really well with the girls.  They are laughing and smiling a little more each day.  They still have plenty of temper tantrums, but they are becoming more and more comfortable around Michele and I.  The girls are even starting to switch back and forth between us a little bit now.  Jenna is still definitely a daddy’s girls and Quinn still prefers momma.  But tonight I had both girls come sit beside me in the pool at the same time and later they did the same for Michele.

Tomorrow is an early start for us because we have to be leaving the hotel at 7:50.  The girls don’t even wake up until 7:30 and it takes about 40 min to eat breakfast so it might be a bit interesting.  Wish us luck.


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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3 Responses to Folk Art Museum – Sunday

  1. Mike Dickinson says:

    The temple is beautiful, but so pagan. Thank you Christ for freeing us from all of that.

    My wife and I are really enjoying the pictures of the girls. They seem to be opening up a little more each day just like a couple of beautiful flowers growing in the sunshine of your love.

    As I saw the McDonald’s comment, all that popped into my head was that theme, “Ba ba ba ba bah, I’m loving it!”

    I guess that applies to your blog, too.

    • Thanks for keeping us updated too. Jason and I look for your posts every day (and we know just about what time one is going to show up)… and it helps us so much as well. Every day, I am praying most of all that you can get your rest, and that the girls can too. The way I see it, is if you are rested, you can handle all the ups and downs so much better. Love you all so much. …looking ahead at the rest of the week: Right now, we think we might come down with the boys on Friday, arriving at your house afternoon some time (like about 3:30 or 4:00 pm). We thought that might give you chance to get some much needed sleep in your own beds and allow a little time for the girls to settle in. I know you will want to see the boys right away, but I am predicting that Thursday evening arrival could be a little chaotic. Think it over…share your thoughts on that.

  2. Dad and Vikki just got back from camping this weekend in Morristown. I like being on the bike trail. I biked to Waterville on Friday night and this morning. Yesterday I biked into Morristown twice and approximately a half mile past Warsaw. I think that I put 35 miles on my bike this weekend. We have reservation there for Labor day weekend. I was able to read the postings on my cell phone but was not able to see the pictures. If you can could you please give me the flight number from Detroit. We continue to pray for the whole family. On Tuesday night at our Bible Study the group will be praying for you and we will pray for the return flight.

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