Day 2 Beijing (Saturday) Part 2

by Ted

The girls slept better last night.  Hurray.  Jenna slept through the night and only woke up a couple of times, looked around the room and fell right back to sleep.  Quinn was still up for an hour during the night.  However, this is a definite improvement from her usual 3-hour party in the middle of night.  So I would say we aren’t quite adjusted yet, but we are heading in the right direction.

Michele on the other hand hasn’t been able to fend off a couple of viruses that keep after her.  Michele woke up after her short night this morning and was lightheaded, nauseous, and felt like she was going to throw up.   Even though Quinn slept halfway decently through the night, Michele didn’t because her sorethroat and head cold kept her awake.  Not exactly the way you want to start your day.  Michele is feeling better tonight, but is still a ways from being healthy again.

Meanwhile, Luke managed to pick up the fever that’s been going around and spent a good chunk of the day vegging out on the couch.  Yeesh….

Beijing Part 2

Michele and I spent two days sight-seeing in Beijing before picking up the girls in Nanning.  On that Saturday we showed you the Great Wall, but I also wanted to share with everyone an equally impressive sight we witnessed in the evening:  The Acrobat Show

Michele had been to China once before many years ago and watched an acrobat show in Shenghai.  I’ve seen some of her pictures from that show and decided I wanted to go take in a show if we got the chance.  So Saturday night after hiking up and down the Great Wall, we took a short subway ride to see the acrobats.

These guys do some amazing things!!  I don’t have any idea how you practice some of these moves without killing yourself.  Much less perfect them into a show that you can put on every night.  The show lasted about an hour and half.  During that time-frame, I think I snapped nearly 180 some pictures of amazing poses or stunts they were doing.  In the end, I just decided to buy the DVD.  Here were some of the highlights.  (The theater was dark, so my apologies for the grainy pictures).

These two guys were all over this ladder contraption.  Walking on their hands up and down, jumping on their hands from one post to the next – up and down, balancing on top of each other and all kinds of other crazy stuff.  Here, in their final dismount, they started at the top of the ladder.  The top guy is balancing with one arm on the neck of the lower guy.  The lower guy is walking down the ladder on his hands from the top to the bottom.  At the bottom of the ladder the top guy jumped off and then the bottom guy dismounted and each landed on their feet like they could do this in their sleep.

In this act, the man balanced the girls on his hands and feet while the girls balanced bowls on their heads.  He would lower the girls down close to the floor then lift them back up again.  And several times he rolled from his back (as shown in the picture) to his belly and back again all while supporting both girls as shown below, who were balancing the bowls.  The bowls weren’t attached to their heads because at one point the girl on the left accidentally dropped her bowl but she didn’t fall down herself.  They just continued on.

Several times throughout the show we saw the men balance the girls fully upright on their hands, then toss them up in the air spinning them 180 degrees before catching and balancing them right back into the same handstand with the girl now turned around.  There was even one time where two men both were balancing girls in handstands and the girls were thrown between the two men simultaneously switching partners.

I don’t think I even need to describe this next picture.  Just, yes, she is doing ballet balanced on top of her partner’s head.

This was one of the first acts and I can say I was immediately impressed.  This gal started near the bottom by stacking chairs on top of each other.  At each level she would do hand stands, jump from hand to hand, and do all kinds of crazy poses and balancing acts.  At the top, in this picture, she did finally tie herself off with a safety cable, but she didn’t need it.  In the video I bought, there is a guy doing this act.  He didn’t use a safety cable and in the close-up shots you can see the entire tower just shaking back and forth.

I must say the Chinese people know how to put on a good show.  I guess all those showmen from the last Olympics had to find a job somewhere.


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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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2 Responses to Day 2 Beijing (Saturday) Part 2

  1. Looks to me like they might be begging for ways to break their necks. Tonight I was watching some gymnasts on the Olympics and I thought of this as well. Looks like an amazing show.

  2. Gayle Wickersheim says:

    Makes the Olympic gymnaastics seem “easy.”

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