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My little helper

by Michele If you have asked us lately how everyone has been doing, I usually respond that Ryan is still having a hard time with everything, but that everyone else is starting to fit together.  Luke has adjusted well.  He … Continue reading

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Family photo

by Michele Ted has been wanting to get a family picture since we came home from China.  We have also been wanting a picture of all of the kids together so with that in mind, out came our camera.  Almost … Continue reading

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Leaving on a jet plane….or maybe just a van.

by Michele On Wednesday, Marissa came to visit us before she leaves for college.  Over the past few years, she has become more than just a youth group member, she is a very close family friend.  My kids love her … Continue reading

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by Ted- This week our kids’ cousin, Connor, brought his parents all the way from Seattle to visit.  He just turned three and for his birthday he wanted to go to Minnesota and visit everyone so, here he is.  Michele … Continue reading

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Bloody Noses

by Ted- This morning we all piled into our van and headed up to Shakopee for the Renaissance Festival.  I was debating whether or not to go and in the end decided I was feeling good enough that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Trip to Grandma’s farm

by Michele We have had a few bad nights in a row so my energy and patience levels are dangerously low.  Because of the bad nights, Jenna and Quinn seem to be crying a lot more but we are not … Continue reading

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Growing Up?

by Ted- Luke and Ryan sometimes get asked what they want to be when they grow up.  Recently, they have both decided they would like to be Superheroes.   Their favorite superpower?  Flying!! Luke would like to know where superheros live.  … Continue reading

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