by Michele

We have been SO blessed by our church and the Waseca community.  So many people have gone way out of their way to help our family out with meals and gifts and just everyday things as our family has begun its first few weeks together.  We are humbled by your generosity and will forever be indebted to so many of you.

Today the family who brought us our meal also brought some presents for the kids.  Luke and Ryan knew exactly what to do….open it up.Jenna and Quinn on the other hand, thought it was fun to watch their big brothers.  They then decided that the bags were really cool toys and played with them for a while.

We kept on trying to get them to open up their bags but they did not seem to understand that there was a toy inside for them.  After a while, Luke decided he should just open it for them.  After the girls saw the doll inside they got really excited.  It was really fun to watch them open up their first present since we got them.  I had to think about it for a bit and then realized that they probably did not know what a present was…this might actually be the first present they got to open up and they are almost 2.  Most American kids know what a present is and understand the goods are in the inside by the age of 9 months if not earlier.  It made me think of all of the kids left behind in the orphanage, ones that may never get to know the joys of opening up a present.  Makes a person kind of sad.  I now understand some of the people whose blogs I have been reading for advice who are on their 4th, 5th, 6th adoption.

We know we can’t save all of the orphans.  So you ask yourself, does it really matter?  But you know what?  To that one boy or girl – or perhaps two if you are crazy…it makes all the difference in the world!!  Because you know what…your family opening up to an adoption saves one child…one child who will learn what a present is.  One child who will learn that they are worth being loved unconditionally.  And one child who will hopefully in the end learn to love back.

Over the past months, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who tell me that “We’ve thought about adoption, but …. (and fill in the excuse.)”  Well, if you are on the fence about adoption, I would say go for it.  Sure it is hard.  Sure things might not go a smoothly as you would like.  But the rewards for you and your family will be worth every bit of effort you put in times 100.


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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