The next NHL super star?

by Michele

Lately we have been having a lot of fun outside even though I have been a little under the weather with a small fever.  The boys have been making roads and driving their trucks all over our front yard.  They have also been riding their scooters into the snow.  Ryan says that it is easier to fall in the snow then on the pavement.  I guess it must be true because he always has a smile on his face.

IMG_7955 (640x425)

A few days ago when I was still pretty sick, we went outside and I just sat in the middle of the driveway and took pictures of the kids.  They thought that was absolutely hilarious so they decided to pose for me.  They all sat down and I tried to get them to look at me all at the same time which as you can imagine was a lot of work.  They would make faces and laugh, they would push each other back into the snow and laugh.  Well you get the picture.  I never did get a picture where they were all smiling at me but at least they were all looking and had semi-normal faces on.

IMG_7975 (640x427)

Ted also made our very own ice rink outside our house.  It rained a lot several weeks ago.  That rain froze and eventually got covered with snow.  Last weekend the boys and Ted discovered there was a thick layer of ice on the side of our yard.  They quickly shoveled it off and made a rink.  It is very bumpy and uneven, but our boys have been having a blast playing hockey on their very own rink.  It is a bit narrow but it works perfectly for us.  Ryan seems a bit more interested in actually playing hockey than Luke.  Apparently, Luke is more concerned about halftime and who is coach.

IMG_8043 (640x427)

Jenna is not too keen on walking on ice so she tends to stay in the snow where she has better balance.  Quinn however has enjoyed a few minutes here and there on the ice. She moves pretty slow and does fall some but not too bad.

IMG_8032 (426x640)

Today, we had a newbie on the ice – my nephew, Jax.  He is only about 15 months old but he was all about getting the puck.

IMG_8029 (640x423)

Sadly to say he did look like this a lot of the times.

IMG_8035 (640x427)

It never seems to upset him too much. Jax kept on getting back up and trying again.  He refused to give up no matter how many tumbles he took.  He has the heart of a hockey star.  With a little practice and little better balance he will follow in his daddy’s footsteps, perhaps even surpassing him.  Who knows…NHL…here comes Jax!!

IMG_8040 (640x417)


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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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