Are you sitting down?

by Michele

So our big news…..Jenna and Quinn now sit down to do something.  Any guesses?  I know the pictures pretty much tell you but Jenna and Quinn are now potty trained.  Yeah!

IMG_8116 (445x640)

I have always dreaded potty training.  Ever since my huge struggle with Luke.  For those of you who didn’t know me back then, it was miserable.  I just could not get him to go on the toilet.  He did everything and I mean everything – standing up outside under the bright sunshine where the neighbors could see…everything.  And no, moving the little potty outside did not work because he refused to sit down to do his business.  It took me a full 6 months after he was semi-potty trained to move him into the bathroom which he informed me was the wrong color.  And yes we did paint the walls the color that Luke decided he could tolerate.  It is cinnamon stick red, apparently that is the color you can pee with.  He also would constantly dribble which I have been told was a boy thing. But for 2 full years, he dribbled and could not control it.  There were so many issues.  My dad kept on telling me I had an uncle that had issues when he was young too. So I blame my dad’s genes.

It didn’t help that a few of my friends that had kids potty training at the same time didn’t have issues and their advice was to just sit your kid on the toilet.  Sorry people that didn’t work for Luke.  Their comments of “well we don’t have issues, my kids don’t have accidents, it’s easy to potty train. You just sit them on the potty and they go” made me feel like a huge failure as a mom and as a parent.  I really did feel like I was going to have the only 18 year old still not potty trained.  I was a worthless stay-at-home-mom that can’t even potty train their kid.  I over looked the fact that my little 3 1/2 year old was already adding, subtracting, and reading books and only dwelt on the fact he couldn’t consistently get to the potty.  How bad is that.

When it was time to potty train Ryan, I was very hesitant.   I didn’t want to go through another 2 year battle.  But my mom looked at me and told me to buck it up and just do it.  So after 1 1/2 days with Ryan, he was done.  Rarely ever an accident.  I think God knew I could not go through another potty issue.

However, I still had Luke’s experiences on my mind when Ted said it was time for the girls.  I did not want to do it.  I really did not want to do two at a time.  But after 2 weeks, they are signing to me when they have to go.  I did not have to ask or remind them.  They still sometimes have an accident, but  I don’t think it is that bad.  I was trying to get Jenna to use the word but they just want to use sign language so the words will come later.  I am not going to worry because we have this…

IMG_8124 (427x640)

And for anyone who has to potty train two at the same time, I would invest in an extra toilet, although, they always fight over who gets what toilet.  So now we only go through 2 diapers and 1 pull-up a night….so much better than with 2 in diapers all day long.

IMG_8107 (427x640)


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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2 Responses to Are you sitting down?

  1. joy says:

    Fabulous! We had struggles with kid #2 for quite a while. Definitely not a fun process. Maybe I should have asked her what color to paint the bathroom. 🙂 That’s just too funny!

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