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Same or different

by Michele I know the first few weeks in China I had a very hard time telling the girls apart.  But after a bit of time, I started seeing small differences and noticing the differences in behaviors.  I always wondered … Continue reading

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Bye-bye curls

by Michele All of the Yoder boys were due for a hair cut.  I think the last time I cut their hair was during Lice week in December.  I kept on putting it off because if I do it inside, … Continue reading

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Spring, new beginnings

by Michele I know anyone in the Midwest is wondering if we are ever going to get spring but I think it was here at one time because I caught these walking into my house a few weeks back.  They … Continue reading

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My dear sweet Jenna

by Michele A few days back, Quinn was in a pink outfit and playing with a pink balloon.  I thought it would make for a really cute picture so I got out the camera and asked Quinn to sit on … Continue reading

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Twins does not equal 2 kids

by Michele I am sure that I have commented on this in other posts but since I feel totally defeated today, one more post will have to do. Twins are hard.  Period.  I know technically they are just two kids and they … Continue reading

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by Michele When we were up at Ted’s parents house for Easter, all of our kids got a chance to hang out with their Great Grandparents Sam and Frieda.  Jenna jumped at the chance to sit on someone’s lap and … Continue reading

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Listen to your momma

by Michele Luke brought his schoolwork home the other day which made Ted and I laugh.  He had to make a sentence with the word ‘said’ and then draw a picture that represents his sentence.  I know a few of … Continue reading

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