Skiing at Lutsen

Ted has always talked about his trip he took to Montana skiing with his youth group back in his high school days.  We actually looked into it this year but with our kids being so young, it just didn’t make sense to go.  We had also looked into going to Lutsen in Northern Minnesota but we again decided that it was too hard with the age our kids are.  We would have to have a babysitter with us to take care of our boys during the afternoon because we didn’t think they could ski the whole day with us and we would have to have a babysitter for the girls where ever they ended up.

However, a few weeks ago we heard of a family in our church who was going.  The parents did not ski so their kids would be on the slopes by themselves.  Now that is not that big of a deal because they are 15 and 16.  But I do what I do best and invite our family to go on their family vacation.  We would ski with their kids.  Their kids would help our kids get down the hills and in the afternoon, their mom would take our boys swimming so we could ski.  They agreed so away we went to Lutsen with our boys.  Our girls stayed with my mom and Shelby went back out to help her out (Shelby is the youth group member who stayed with her when my mom had her knee surgery).

DSCF2303It was pretty good weather considering the week before we were in the deep freeze.  The first morning where was a little sleet and it hurt our faces when we went fast.  Ryan did not enjoy it but the second and third days were great and we could barely get Ryan off the hill.  Ryan did do a little skiing on his own.DSCF2339But most of his skiing was done with Davis.  Ryan really attached himself to Davis.  He had to ride up the ski lift every time so that he could tell knock knock jokes to Davis.  Even when they were 4 or 5 chairs ahead of us, we could still hear Ryan laughing his head off.  Ryan had so much fun that three days of skiing was clearly not enough time.DSCF2321Luke spent most of his time with Ted learning how to ski on his own (he is in the far right corner of the above picture).  Luke did pretty well too.  He is starting to understand turning and getting pretty good at snowplowing but he doesn’t like to practice any of it because he just wants to go fast so we put him on a leash most of the time.DSCF2309On some of the easier hills, Luke was even going off the jumps.  Now if only I could get him to slow down a bit on the blue square runs.  I was so sure that one of my kids would end up hitting a tree or something but when I stopped worrying and looked around I couldn’t believe how breath-taking it was here.  All of the trees were covered in a frosty snow the whole 3 days we were there.  DSCF2304It was gorgeous.  The view from our hotel room gave us a view of 1 of the 4 ski hills.  I am zoomed way in so you can see the chalet across the valley.DSCF2307Oh and the crazy thing….you see the steep slope off the top right, right behind the chalet?  You know the part that looks like it is a straight drop off, yet that part.  It actually had a few runs down it, they were double black diamonds and no I did not go on those but Ted and Davis did.  I think they were crazy.  I was quite content to ski the green and blue runs.  A few of the runs I went on even allowed us to ski through the trees.  It was kind of magical with all the snow covering the branches.  These pictures were all taken with our point and shoot so I know they are not the best but I’ll leave you with a selfie with us all on the express 6 person chair lift and when I say express, I mean express.  Man did it go fast.  DSCF2324



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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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