Window lighting and some randomness

My photography club has been working on window lighting this whole month.  I have found that there are some women that are really good at window lighting.  They get a very dramatic effect with the level of shading.  Most are B&W pictures but not all.  I have found that I am terrible at figuring out my window lighting for good pictures. I have been trying different times of the day, different windows, etc still not getting the effect that I want.  I think my kids are getting tired of me experimenting on them because I now get faces like this.  IMG_7282Or I get faces like this…  IMG_7270I decided I needed new kids so while the boys were away at kicking class with the neighbor, I watched all the girls at home.  I popped this little girl in front of the window to see if I could get the effect that I wanted.  IMG_7272Well, not the effect that I wanted but at least it was a decent picture with a kid willing to actually smile at me and attempt to look cute.  I need some more work on this, I have yet to try a north facing window which is next up if I can get my girls or boys to corporate.

And some randomness, we have been having a lot of snow days. Yesterday we dropped the boys off at my moms before the ice started, hoping that school would be canceled today so they could have a sleepover.  It worked out just fine.  Because the boys were gone, my house was a little quieter which was nice.  The girls and I cleaned up the house and then got to just hang out and play (well, I took pictures while they played.)  IMG_7306-2We didn’t get outside at all so today I decided to walk around the block with the girls to see all of the new snow.  They were not excited to go outside.  They whined, cried, and drug their feet one whole side of the block.  IMG_7334I wanted to actually enjoy my walk so I asked them if the walk would be better if they got a piece of candy when they got home.  And suddenly it was an all out sprint home.  IMG_7341Yes they ran 3 sides of the block, up the driveway and then screamed, “Mommy home, Mommy home.”  They went inside, took off their cloths and waited patiently by the candy jar.  And yes I gave them candy.  I had to follow through with what I said.  A few hours later, I dropped the girls off at Grandma’s house for a sleep over and brought the boys home.  It’s kind of nice just having 2 kids home at a time (although right now there are 2 neighbor kids here so I still have 4 but they are older so I don’t have to do much with them).


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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