A long 9 days.

Last Tuesday night Ted got a call asking if he could fly out the next day to Australia.  He has been gone for the last 9 days but he comes back today.  We didn’t know if he would make it today because the company that he was doing some work for decided they wanted him longer and refused to take him on the 4 hour dirt road drive back to the airport.  Hmmmmm… I am pretty sure that is illegal but Ted finally convinced them to drive him to the airport and he is on his way home.  It is some ridiculous travel time like a 4 hour truck ride, a 2 hour plane ride to Perth, another 4 hour plane ride to Sydney, a 14 hour plane ride to LA, and a 5 hour plane ride to MN.  Yeah that is 25 hours of just travel time, not counting layovers or anything else.  But he is coming home and should hopefully be home in another hour.  Yeah!!!!

While Ted was gone we managed to stay very busy.  We went to the Festival of Nations where my kids tried all kinds of different foods.  Luke, my picky eater decided to eat some food from Peru, a cheese empanada.  He loved it but it was a little difficult getting him to try it. DSCF2543

Ryan was in heaven because we found him some of his favorite foods….dumplings.  We actually got them from the Tibet stand.  They were really good.  The rest of the time we spend walking around, visiting different booths of different countries, watching dancers, and listening to music.  DSCF2544

Another thing that happened in these last 9 days, we started soccer practice.  Of coarse Ted is the coach so I have been having to coach soccer while watching 3 little kids on the side of the field.  Before you feel too bad for me, I had help.  I have an awesome youth group which just so happens to have a lot of soccer players on it.  The first day I had 3 soccer players helping, the second day only 2.  The first day we were inside because the fields were still wet.  IMG_8523The kids were very rusty with their kicking skills.  There were a lot of balls going every where.  The second day I ran practice so I don’t have any pictures from outside.  It was my first time coaching and I really enjoyed it.IMG_8530  I feel very guilty right now though because we were suppose to have soccer again today.  I cancelled it because at 3:30 when parents were starting to call and email me, it was down-pouring (well actually raining sideways).  There were trees getting uprooted and we are in a tornado warning until 9 tonight.  From the looks of it at 4 I figured we might actually have one by then.  But right now it is 6 and sunny.  I probably shouldn’t have canceled practice.  I talked to two other coaches and they canceled too so I know I am not the only one but I still feel guilty…oh well.  Doesn’t matter, Ted should be home within the hour.



About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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