Speech Therapy

I have some pictures from this weekend’s trip to the falls but I have not had time to sort and edit so they will come later.  However, I took some pictures of the girls and what we do for speech therapy.  People always ask how their language is coming along and I would love to say that it is great but to be honest….it has been a battle.  Every single sound, every single word has been a battle.  Our speech therapist has been great at coming up with fun games for homework.  Each week, our girls have to work on one sound.  We are still targeting the main sounds like p, t, m, and c/k.  Jenna is pretty good at using those sounds during speech therapy time and during everyday living.  She really struggles with the t, e, and s sounds.  All of her t’s she replaces with c’s so words like toy come out as coy.  But after the last three weeks of working on the t we are finally starting to get the t sound although she has a hard time using it in words.  Some ways we practice words/sounds are in board games.  We write the words/sounds they are working on on a game board and roll to see which word they have to say.  IMG_7941Quinn on the other hand can say the s and e beautifully.  She struggles with just about every other sound.  When she talks she drops all beginning, middle and ending consonants.  Yes that means she really just talks with vowel sounds.  It is hard to figure out what she is saying.  She gets frustrated and gives up which in turn frustrates me.  When we practice her sounds she can say all the different sounds if we separate them out.  She really struggles to put them together to make two sounds.  For example cat because c……at.  If we don’t correct her cat becomes ad.  Another game we play with the girls is memory.  They have to say each word they flip over.  This works in a lot of practicing because they are not the best at memory. IMG_7918 There is a bit of cheating that is allowed if they have been at it for a long time.  IMG_7920But even when they cheat, it doesn’t mean they find a match. IMG_7921We have also been working on learning numbers and letters.  I found a program on-line that the girls love to do which teaches them letter and some words.  I think it helps hearing someone else say the words to them.  And if the girls and I have lost patience with each other, our little rescuer, Ryan, comes over and helps out.  IMG_7956There are a lot of things that are not going so well with the girls schooling.  I get very frustrated.  I think they get frustrated.  They can identify a letter one day but the next day they have no idea which one is which.  I tried to simplify and only work on letters A, B, and C.  Same thing.  We have worked on colors too and after about 5 months straight of working on red, yellow, and blue it’s the same result, they just don’t get it.  We have worked on numbers.  Sometimes they can count and sometimes they have no clue.  We have had a little success with using dominoes.  They can’t seem to count the dots but they can match the dots that are already out there.  Although I think they use the colors on the dots.  And they understand when someone wins … well at least Quinn and Ryan understands when the game is over.  IMG_7737 I know adopted children tend to take multiple years to catch up academically but when you are used to working with Luke and Ryan it’s hard to remember I can not hold Jenna and Quinn to the same standards.  It makes me a little scared for when they actually do start school.  Jenna and Quinn will be struggling with simple concepts that most kids already know.  I know they are a few years out yet from school and they do have a fall birthday so they will be older which will help but I don’t think it is going to be an easy ride.


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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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  1. Ruth Volkmann says:

    Don’t give up! Anna, our granddaughter from China is finishing 4th grade this year. She has no trouble in school. Yes, she did take a little speech, but is doing fine. They learn a lot in a couple of years.

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