365 Project

Finishing up the first month of pictures.  I missed a day or two in here because Ted and I went away for a night and we didn’t have a computer with us.  Don’t worry, I did take pictures.

LOVING…Luke and Ryan on their first day of camp.  They wanted nothing to do with posing by a camp sign, posing by their cabin, posing in general.  I did snap this picture while we were waiting for my dad to check in.  It cracks me up because I think Ryan’s head looks like a turtle poking out from his big bag.  IMG_9236

DELIGHT…As I said, Ted and I got away for one night while the boys were busy at a weekend camp and the girls had a sleep-over at Grandma’s house.  We wanted to do something different and new so we decided to go to a winery and taste wine for the evening.  Both Ted and I dislike wine but more on that later.  While we were there we had supper.  Our pizza was cooked over a clay fire oven.  It was great.  Going with the theme of trying something new, we picked pizzas which included grapes, potatoes, and a few other things.  While waiting for our pizzas a storm was rolling in.  We were sitting on a covered balcony looking over the vineyard.  It was beautiful.  IMG_9282THE END…Well, my picture for the day had nothing to do with the theme but on our time away from our kids, Ted and I went on a bike ride.  I stopped to go to the bathroom and when I came out of the outhouse, this was sitting on my bike.  I probably could not get a job as an entomologist because it has been too long that I have been out of the work force but I can still take pictures of insects for the fun of it. IMG_9297

RED & WHITE… At the winery we drank Red and White Wine.  Both Ted and I hate wine.  When Ted booked our hotel, there was a promotion for a wine tasting with a free bottle of wine at a winery in the area.  Ted decided to get it so we went.  We really enjoyed our time.  Each of us were suppose to taste 6 different wines; however, the lady who worked there soon discovered that Ted and I did not need our own glasses and those glasses did not need to be filled all the way.  There were a few that I made some faces at, everyone laughed.  The lady was trying so hard to find a wine that we liked.  We sampled more then the allotted 6 glasses on the promotion.  We found one that was tolerable which they gave us.  I didn’t tell them that I would probably use it for cooking because that is where I love wine.  The cream sauces you can make with a little splash of wine….mmmm.  Anyways, it was a blast even though Ted and I don’t drink wine at all.  IMG_9263Although this picture was taken a day after the red and white day, I thought Ryan fit that theme well as he inhaled strawberries that my dad picked for us.  I think my dad brought me 15 pounds and I know my kids ate about 1/3 of them before I got them into the freezer.  IMG_9310

MATCH…Be the MATCH..I know Red Cross is blood donation and be the match is bone marrow but I gave blood that day (I have now donated over 1 gallon of blood) and I am a registered to donate bone marrow so I thought I could stretch it for the day.   I had all of the nurses laughing as I was trying to position the scissors and my ball at the same time as giving blood. It took me a bit longer to donate because I was not rolling my ball at all.  If I did, the logo wasn’t where I wanted it to be in my picture. I would have liked my arm a bit more slanted but I couldn’t really move much since I did have a needle in my arm. Oh well.  IMG_9323STARS….It was my first attempt at fireworks.  I don’t know if I am totally happy with my pictures after I got them on the computer screen where I could really zoom in but for my first attempt, I will go with it.  IMG_9366


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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