Happy 65th Wedding Anniverary

Two weekends ago we packed the van and headed north to Ted’s parents house.  Our van was full with our 4 kids and Lucy but Ted’s grandparents were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary so off we went.  There were quite a few uncles, aunts, and cousins visiting also.  There was a lot of games, chatting, and eating.  IMG_9570

While there Ted’s uncles started playing a game called kubb.  Great Grandpa Sam had made us all kubb sets but I never looked up the rules, we just played with the blocks so this was our first look at the real game.  Got to say we fell in love with the game.  My boys fell in love with the game too so when we made it home we dug out our set and started playing with the youth group.  It has been great.  Anyways, back to the weekend, our boys tried to get anyone to play with them including a very happy Grandpa when he finally hit a block.  IMG_9582

Sunday after everyone left, we decided to take our kids for a walk around the lake.  We were fully determined to introduce Lucy to deer flies, mosquitoes and ticks.   We succeeded.  It was quite the little adventure.  It started out as a nice little walk around the lake. IMG_9593

We then ran into where the beavers were working.  The bridge that was there was now under water so we had to move some boards around so we could cross.  I think this is where Lucy started to think she is living with a crazy family.  IMG_9595


We all made it across the dam except for Jason, he lost his balance and got a little wet but not too bad.  Lucy made one wrong jump and got a little muddy but again not too bad.  Jenna and Quinn thought it was great fun to get piggy-back rides across all of the obstacles.  Luke and Ryan thought it was just awesome that I would allow them to cross on their own.  As we continued on our walk, we ended up walking past Jason’s deer stand which everyone had to climb and look at the view.  IMG_9608We came to another little creek on our walk that we had to walk across on the rocks.  Luke went across very carefully, stepping on every rock with control.  When it came to Ryan’s turn, he wanted to cross just like Luke, well, that was until he lost his balance.  Then he took a flying leap to make it to the other side.  IMG_9626While up there we promised Lucy that we would take her on a 4-wheeler ride and on the jet ski.  She was pretty excited.  We got her on the 4-wheeler but it was too cold to use the jet ski.  Luckily today we stopped by a friends house who just happens to have a jet ski.  He took us out for a few rides.  We had a blast.  On the way home I asked Lucy if she had fun and her answer was that this was probably one of the best July’s she has had.  It was her first time on a 4-wheeler, jet ski, eating cheese curds and fried pickles, and seeing a live deer (apparently she has only seen dead ones on the side of the road).  Who cares that she has about 50 mosquito bites on each leg, she is having fun.  And I am glad she is because I was a bit scared hosting my first foreign exchange student. IMG_0010


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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