Photo challenge day 47-55 or something.

SUNSHINE..We have been dry for most of July except when it comes to softball/baseball games.  It seems that the wind and threat of rain comes every evening when we have to be outside.   But this day, the weather was perfect for T-ball.  I think it is hilarious that Ryan runs with his tongue out….just like daddy.  IMG_9729ADMIRE…My girls have to go to the doctor a lot because of all of the different specialist they see.  I admire how well they take doctors poking, prying, and everything else they have to do.  On this trip to the ENT visit, I decided to make it a special day with just me and them. After the doctors visit that did not go the best (Quinn’s palate is not growing as well as it should and she may need to have another surgery to lengthen it) I took them shopping. In the store I told them they could pick something out. I am a tomboy and I am raising my girls that way but both girls picked out sparkly tutus and new flower sandals. Wonder if this momma will take the hint….IMG_9643CURLY…I know Lucia, our foreign exchange student, doesn’t have curly hair but all the other women in the nursing home did.  Can you tell I am stretching this one a bit because I didn’t know how to do curly.  I cut Ryan’s hair about 2 weeks too early.   Anyways, we were there playing Bingo with our kids.  Lucia was there helping an elderly guy play.  The elderly guy thought it was great fun that he was playing with someone from Spain.

IMG_9775A MOMENT. Quinn decided to help one of our youth group members fix our lawn mower. She thought she was pretty special. I told her to leave him alone but he said she could stay.


I think he second guessed himself after Quinn wouldn’t share the tools.

IMG_9786BASIC…We had a really nice night at softball this night. I was just sitting on the bench wondering what to do for my basic picture. Jenna kept on saying, “Picture me mom, picture me.” So I did. Granted each one was followed up with “me see.” But I think it ended up with a cute picture. IMG_9992

WATER…I used these pictures for a few days and didn’t follow the posted word but I was having fun taking picture so I ended up with a lot of them.  My backyard neighbors were awesome at trying to show off for the camera.  IMG_9828


IMG_9955HOME…Now most people did a picture of their home but I did the inside of some paper wasps home. Don’t worry they abandoned this nest years ago. I just keep it around to show people how amazing insects are.




About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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