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The Badlands in Pictures

A storm was rolling in so the sky was changing a lot but here is the badlands in pictures.   Advertisements

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Our new purchase

About  2 weeks ago Ted and I decided to make a new purchase.  We bought a pop-up.  I grew up camping in a tent and wanted to do that with our kids but I didn’t think I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Frisbee Golf

Our kids have really enjoyed playing frisbee golf lately.  We make Luke and Ryan play ahead of us and then the girls, Ted and I play together.  Quinn loves to tee off.  She takes it very seriously. Before Lucia left … Continue reading

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A 365 Photo Project

I am getting behind on posting my 365 photo challenge pictures so I thought I would try and pick out a few to get sort of caught up. RISING…stars under Daddy’s watchful eye.  (Ryan in white, Luke in navy) IN … Continue reading

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An American Wedding

A few weeks ago we took Lucia up north to one of Ted’s cousins wedding.  It was the first time she had been to an American wedding.  She said it was quite different from what she was used to for … Continue reading

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God Answers Prayer

by Ted We have had Jenna and Quinn now for just over two years.  They have been two very busy, fun & tear filled years.  However, I wouldn’t have traded a second of it, not even the bad parts.  Just … Continue reading

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