Our Annual Cleft Palate Clinic Appointment

Last week Wednesday the girls and I left our house a little before 6 AM to go to their annual Cleft palate check-up.  It is where we meet with over 10 specialists ranging from ENT to oral surgery to orthodontists to audiology all in about 3 hours.  It is a very busy 3 hours….it is a little insane when you have 2 children going through the process let alone 2 children who are identical so the doctors don’t know which one they have seen and which one they need to see yet.  I made the mistake in 2012 (the first time there) of dressing the girls the same….never make that mistake again.  This year Jenna was in black and Quinn in white.  I label everything from their schedules, x-rays, dental equipment, mouth mirrors , etc. with the color they are wearing so the doctors don’t get too confused but there is always 1 or 2 that get it mixed up.

Over all, the girls are doing ok.  Jenna failed the hearing test yet again so we have more follow-ups with our local ENT and audiology.  We will know more in the beginning of February when they use a microscope to see if her ear tube is in her ear or did it fall out and her ear drum is perforated (they can see the tube in the ear they just can’t tell if it is in or not hence the microscope shoved down the ear).

Quinn has a mild but consistent velopharyngeal dysfunction with her short palate….which means air leaks into her nose when she talks….her palate is too short or is not functioning correctly.  In June we will take her back up to the clinic where they will do a nasendoscopy (shove a camera up her nose so they can look down on her soft palate).  We then have to get her to talk to see if the palate is functioning correctly.  Yeah..she has to talk with a camera up her nose…and they tell me it will probably hurt a bit.  If anyone has ideas on how to get a little girl to talk normally with a camera up her nose and no crying please let me know by June.

The other news is we had a CBCT scan of both girls heads (a 3D image) to see which teeth they have, which ones they are missing.  We found out that both girls have their front teeth coming in 90 degrees rotated (this will equal about 10 years of braces for both girls).  Quinn actually has 1 extra tooth right behind her front tooth that will have to get pulled but they are waiting to see if that tooth could maybe be used in place of her missing tooth.  I don’t quite understand how she can have a missing tooth and an extra tooth right next to each other but apparently Quinn has that.  Depending on the results which will come back next week we may be looking at bone grafting next year at the earliest.  If things come back differently, then we are still on for bone grafting when the girls are 7 or 8 to fix their dental ridge and hard palate.  Fun times….

And since I can’t have a post without at least 1 picture, here is Quinn.  If I am reading her face correctly, her face says “put that thing away and leave me alone.  I am doing a puzzle and will not smile at the camera today”.   So different then the cupcake pictures..well you win some and lose some.IMG_2961


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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