An unexpected end to the year.

We were looking at our blog over Christmas and realized I have not posted anything for the past 2 months partly because all of my extra time has been working on our kids Christmas presents.  I tried scrap booking a long time ago and realized that was not for me but digital scrap booking is different.  Every 2 years I make books for my kids covering the past 2 years.  The kids love them and it is worth all the time it take to make them.  IMG_5689I have been frantically editing the books all of November and the beginning of December.  I don’t even think I took a picture in November because I didn’t want to take the time to edit anything.  But I finished the books in time to start all of the Christmas concerts we had to attend.  Luke had a school concert and 3rd grade plays.  He also tested for his yellow belt in Taekwondo which he passed. IMG_5626Ryan loves basketball and he is finally old enough to play in a league.  He had a game in Dec at the half time show of a JV game.  He is definitely not the best player in his grade but he did score the first points.  We quickly moved on to the girls pre-school concert. IMG_5632To finish off the concerts season, all of our kids were in their Sunday school concert.  Ted and I made the decision to switch churches in September.  Our new church has a very active youth program which is something we were looking for.  They put on a beautiful Christmas play which included retelling of the Christmas story.  Ryan was every excited to be a Shepard.  Luke was one of the narrators. IMG_5648The girls were only on stage for one song, the little drummer boy.  Jenna loves to preform and sang loudly every rum-pum-pum-pum in the song.  The other words not so much….still working on the speech thing.  Quinn on the other hand has told us she does not like to go on stage but she was a trooper and stood next to Jenna to support her sister.IMG_5643With all the concerts done, we thought we were done running around and could settle into celebrating the Christmas season with cookie baking and game playing.  Plans were all set for all the family gatherings.  We had even worked into the schedule a Timberwolves game for the boys.  Things were good.  The Monday before Christmas I was talking to my mom about menu planning.  The kids were loud so I told them to go outside which proved to be a mistake.  About 10 minutes after my mom left, Ryan started screaming.  He had slipped off the stairs and landed head first into the flower bed.  He came inside.  I took off his coat to put an icepack on his arm he said hurt.  It didn’t look right but it didn’t look wrong either.  I decided to take him to the clinic which happened to close 8 minutes before I got there.  So off to the ER we went.  Two broken bones…lovely.

Surprisingly Ryan is doing great even when they had to reset the bones a few days later.  It is hard to slow him down.  He has a splint on right now because of the swelling and will put a cast on next week just in time for our first family vacation to go swimming in Florida.  We will see how that goes.….


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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