Trip to Florida

While we were in Florida in January Luke had to fill out a vacation journal for school.  I was waiting to get his journal back from his teacher so that he could write about our trip.  So today we have a guest blog post from Luke….his first one.  I added a few comment in parentheses to explain extra things.

by Luke

My Vacation Journal

IMG_5706Saturday 1-9-16:  We went to a Shell Factory and went into a store.  Then, we looked around.  There was a lot of shells.  When we came out of the store there was an iguana.  Our mom asked the owner if we could pet the iguana.  The owner said, “Yes” so I pet the iguana.  Then, we went out to eat.  When we were done eating we drove home through a hailstorm.  When we got home, there was a real tornado warning.  IMG_5745Sunday 1-10-16:  We went to Sanibel and Captiva Islands and went to the beaches where I jumped over the waves but sometimes I jumped too early and landed in the waves.  I got soaked but I only got salt water in my mouth two times.  It was disgusting.  IMG_5759Finally we went to a different side of the beach and collected shells.  Two of the names are slippers and jingles.  My favorite shells are cockles.IMG_5818Monday 1-11-16:  We went to Edison and Ford’s winter estates and learned that Edison and Ford were friends.  I also learned that Edison was a great inventor and Ford came along and asked Edison lots of questions.  Ford invented the car. IMG_5834

Finally, we went to a manatee park and learned lots of facts about manatees.  My favorite fact was that the child only stays with their mom for only 2 years.IMG_5858

Tuesday 1-12-16: We went to a state park and saw a real alligator and her babies.  Then, we went on a boardwalk.  We walked on a boardwalk because it was swampy.  Next, we went to the Everglades and went up an observation tower.  From the observation tower I could see the Everglades.  It was mostly water. IMG_5889Wednesday 1-13-16: We went on a board walk.  Once in a while we saw animal tracks.  I learned that a raccoon has it’s bigger paws in front and smaller paws behind the other paws.  Then we went to the Imaginarium.  I moved a ball around.  I learned about batteries (The Imaginarium is a Science/Children’s Museum.)IMG_5862Thursday 1-14-16:  We went to Siesta Key.  The sand was as white as snow.  IMG_5917There was a restaurant named Yoder’s but it was full so we ate at Der Dutchmen.  After we were done we got whoopie pies from Yoder’s.  IMG_5948

(We came home on Friday which was an adventure.  There were more tornadoes that took out electricity in the airport so everything was a mess.  On top of all the cancellations and delays, our airplane had a hydraulic leak so it was delayed for 14 hours.  We quickly got on a different flight and made it home only 4 hours later then our original flight.  We did much better then others.)


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I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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One Response to Trip to Florida

  1. Samuel Yoder says:

    Great report, Luke, grandma and I really enjoyed reading your report!

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