Celebrating Holidays

We have been celebrating holidays left and right around here.  And with Easter this weekend I realized I have pictures from a few other holidays I have not posted so its time to get caught up.

In February we celebrated Chinese New Year.  It is the year of the monkey so I figured a banana cake was in order.  Besides making all of our favorite Chinese dishes I spent quite a bit of time in the schools talking about Chinese culture.  Luke and I worked together and memorized a small conversation in Mandarin to do at the presentation.  I thought we did pretty good when someone who actually spoke Mandarin understood us.  She said not all the words were pronounced correctly but she could understand what we were saying so I think that it was a success.

Next up was Valentines day.  We have a tradition of making truffles with the kids.  This year when it came time to decorate them, only 2 kids wanted to help.  I think it’s because I started making whoever is in the kitchen help clean the kitchen.  But when it came to eating them…..every body came running.  IMG_6164

We then celebrated Pi day with Pie…..March 14 (3.14).  I didn’t take any pictures but we had fun eating pie.  A few days later we celebrated St. Patrick’s day.  I don’t have an ounce of Irish in me but I like to cook so it was fun to learn about some traditional foods from Ireland.  The menu was corned beef, cabbage and boxty (potato patties).  I loved the cabbage…I might have been the only one but roasted cabbage was amazing.  IMG_6247

For dessert I made a cake that was suppose to look like a pile of gold.  Inside I had cut a hole in the cake to hide some M&Ms.  If I was on top of everything I could have special ordered the M&Ms to be all gold, you know like little gold coins falling out of your cake; however, I am not that good and we had just plain colored M&Ms.  After I cut the cake and surprised all of the kids, I explained they were suppose to be gold.  Luke then tells us that the leprechauns must have stolen all of the golden M&Ms and left behind their colored poop inside our cake.  IMG_6251Interesting idea…. but the funny thing is that it made Ryan and the girls spend the next hour making leprechaun traps to catch the guilty ones.  We let them leave 2 traps up over night.  Meanwhile, Luke was at the table drawing and coloring leprechauns on paper to put in their traps.  In the morning Ryan found his traps full of guilty leprechauns…well done Luke.  I didn’t even think of that.

Which brings us to Easter….every Good Friday it’s egg coloring time!  Guess who turns into a goof when I get the camera out…no surprise here.



About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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