August 2016

Ok, I know I am over a month behind but I have been busy taking peoples pictures.  They say everyone wants new family pictures in the fall so they are ready for Christmas which must be the case.  I also had a few senior picture shots that I had to get through, most old youth group members.

We or I have been really struggling with some things so most of my free time I have been in my room on time out, not getting anything done but watching a lot of TV.  I can recommend a few good series if you have Netflix right now.

Back to August….it started out with VBS with our new church.  They go all out for their children’s programs which is one of the reasons we switched to them.  Think 5 days for  5.5 hours a day.  The kids got to have picnics with their friends which they loved.  img_7039-2

I was nervous on how we would handle all those kids for all those hours but everything went smoothly.  Kids had Bible time, craft time, song time, snack time, recess, story time.  They watched skits and when all the activities were done for the day they had play time which always involved something wild and crazy.  img_7313One night during VBS, our boys had their end of the season baseball game.  Luke definitely had better games.  He was a little frustrated with himself but that’s life in sports.  We told him to continue to practice and he would get better and not to compare himself to others so in the end I think it was ok.  Ryan on the other hand did pretty good but he is always out practicing and when he can’t find anyone to practice with him, he plays catch with himself.  img_6787As soon as we finished with baseball and VBS we headed off to a wedding where we camped out with all the other Yoder family, around 9-10 RVs on a small piece of land on a lake in Wisconsin.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids got to play in the lake before we headed out.  We managed to get Ryan on a tube but he didn’t last long.  Ryan does not do well with water in his face.  He wanted to get back to dry land as soon as possible and pouted most of the time in the boat.  The others had a blast on the water.  img_7427Once we got the little girls off the tubes we let Luke play a little harder with Ted and his cousin Brooke, who is close to Luke’s age.  They had fun and flipped a couple of times but they were still pretty mild compared to some of the Yoder cousins who went after.img_7455We then headed farther north along the north shore of Lake Superior.  We hiked and explored.  img_7679  img_7676img_7465 At one river we were able to jump off cliffs which was a first for our kids.  Luke went all out.  After Ted checked the bottom to make sure it was safe, Luke was in the water before I could even get my camera out.  He started out small but by the end was going off the big jump.  img_7661Jenna and Quinn jumped off the littler jumps a few times.  We even got Ryan to jump once.  He said that was enough and then went to play downstream where it was a bit more calm. img_7638We hiked to Devils Kettle.  It is a river that splits into 2.  One continues down the rocky riverbed but the other one disappears into a hole, the kettle.  The kids had fun throwing rocks and other things into the hole.  They loved coming up with ideas about where the water went but sadly to say for everyone, it will continue to remain a mystery.   img_7682I would love to say the trip was peaceful and fun but that was not the case.  We struggled and fought through some on going issues.  It didn’t end well.  But at least we made some memories….. good and bad.  School actually started the last week of August. I have the school interviews done but I am waiting to take school pictures hopefully this weekend to post them together.  img_7703



About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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