A Look through Time

When people ask me if we have any traditions I sadly answer back with a quick “NO”.  I know I need to get on top of it because my kids are growing up and suddenly there will be no time to start new family traditions because they will be gone with their own families, starting their own family traditions.  I think the problem is I have traditions but I don’t identify them as traditions because it is something we always do…yes I understand that is the definition of tradition.  As I was editing pictures today, I came across this picture which I take every year, or at least try to take every year so if you don’t mind, enjoy the stroll down memory lane.

Feb 2013 -a month after the girls had their second surgery so lips are still bloody and puffy.IMG_7975March 2014-apparently a warm winter as they have rain boots on and no hats.  IMG_7776March 2015-I was experimenting with editing pictures, trying to blur the background.  I am glad I have gotten a lot better at this in the last 2 years.IMG_3415Dec 2016-so I missed a winter in there.  A little bummed but it is what it is.  IMG_9835Hope you have enjoyed going down memory lane with me.  IMG_9846P.S.  Jenna is always in the purple owl hat (she has picked the same hat out 3 different times at the store) with a purple coat.  Quinn always has a pink coat.  Ryan…well…Ryan is unpredictable.  Good old Luke has the same hat on in all of the pictures (got it from the neighbors and refuses to wear a different hat for the last 5 years) and the same coat in 3 of the 4 pictures (apparently I bought it on the big side).


About tochinaandbackagain

I am a stay at home mom to two very active boys and soon we will bring home two Chinese twin girls with cleft lip and palate issues. I spend my day trying to be the best parent and wife I can be with God leading the way.
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